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Legal Consultant

If you have a dispute with your builder, a surveyor or even a structural engineer and you are unable to come to a remedy through personal contact then you may need to take legal action and part of the evidence that you will need to provide is an expert witness report to demonstrate the technical side of your argument. I can also give evidence in court and have experience on two occasions of doing this.

I can provide this service for you, normally through a solicitor for any building, structural or construction dispute. I have had training in all the aspects of acting as an expert witness including basic contract law, gaining evidence, producing reports and giving evidence under cross examination. This has been done through Bond Solon and I hold a certificate of having completed their training.

It is important to note that although I am instructed by you, via a solicitor, the advice that I give is impartial and I am working to aid the court to understand the structural technical side of the argument. I will also review the case initially and produce a pre-action report which will aid the solicitor to determine if there is a strong enough case to take it to court.

I am delighted to announce I have successfully completed the ‘Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness Certificate.’ The CUBS Certificate was established over 20 years ago, has been completed by over 2,000 experts and is held in extremely high regard by instructing parties, due to the fact holders of the Certificate are able to demonstrate they have been appropriately trained by experienced lawyer-trainers, but also assessed and deemed competent to fulfil the role of an expert witness by one of the top law schools in the land.


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